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“I would like to open an Esports venue, what estimations do I need to make?”
“I would like to work in an Esports venue, what are the required roles?”
“How do I configure an Esports venue?”
“Is my project for an Esports venue financially sustainable?”
“How can I secure an Esports venue?”

What is required to expand in Esports?
I have heard this question in different contexts from numerous Esports experts. The response is always a unique theme, namely the need to create exclusively designated spaces in the world of Esports, according to recent developments which have shown their requests have been accommodated, albeit in modality not consistently. In fact, we see some towns with already operative dedicated Esports venues with long-term broadcast programmes, and others that are still in the process of discussing whether they should equip their cities with such specific functionality structures.

A city which includes an Esports venue amongst its places of conviviality and increases interests in this electronic world, creates development opportunities and new professional skills. These venues with superior technological features have rendered the world of Esports into a professional realm, elevating it to a symposium in these modern times. Just as the symposium represented an important component in the life of Greek polis, today it is this same function which represents the Esports venues as the new dedicated societal gathering locations with the purpose of the practicing of Esports.

Designing and managing an Esports venue requires an awareness of the project and management complexity in order to create a place full of inspiration and fun for spectators, fans, players, teams and families. For many years I have contributed towards the management of designated venues in this sought-after sector of entertainment, and now, enthralled by Esports technology on one hand and my involvement in dedicated Esports venue projects on the other, I can share my experiences and useful observations to reflect how the entertainment industry is adapting to Esports.

This book concentrates on both the design opportunities of Esports venues and the ways in which to manage them. After an analysis of the existing relationships between Esports and the venues dedicated to them, I try to define project guidelines aimed at their specific functions, therefore identifying the possible configurations of areas in a dedicated Esports venue.

With economic-financial validation of a project I endeavour to share the most important processes and roles used in the management of an eSport venue. Amongst the useful tools in this management is also the recommended regulations, whose function is not only for operations but rather for managerial transparency.

Regulating the operativity of such an avant-garde venue requires awareness of risks to its security. With the production of plans and prevention procedures of possible interruption; a useful strategy is needed for business continuity.

This is an extract from the “Esports Venues. Designing and Managing Esports Venues” eBook by Marco Lucchino; International Business Expansion Facilitator & Developer at eSport Management

This book gathers the best of his experience and recounts in abundance, the particular components that designing and managing an Esports venue entails. A guide for those who wish to become more familiar with Esport venues to invest in or work in one of the numerous available professions.

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The Milanese, Marco Luigi Lucchino, for some years has been moving towards the world of eSports, looking into what he can offer to these events, in terms of technology and business opportunities. This advancement came about after his contribution towards the management of sporting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Superbike competitions and Football championships. Gradually he specialised in the management of huge venues and structures open to the public. From the famous United Arab Emirate pavilion to the Milan EXPO; grand sport parks, for example, the Orio Center Winter Park in the Bergamo province. Involved in prestigious national and international eSports projects, he has utilised his long-standing experience in managing to actively contribute to the project management of Esports venues.

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