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How do you make eye-catching esports shows? Every company strives to find a way to entertain and offer its fans more than they expect. One of the methods WePlay Holding uses to achieve this is incorporating popular trends to make esports shows better. Here are examples of four captivating events organized before and during the pandemic.

Feel the weeb spirit: WePlay AniMajor

When it comes to memorable experiences, WePlay Holding sets itself high standards. Each event is inspired by a specific concept and developed according to a comprehensive strategy. This way, the viewers get an unforgettable show like the anime-themed WePlay AniMajor.


WePlay AniMajor_WePlay Holding

WePlay AniMajor stage. Photo: WePlay Holding

Combining two dedicated fanbases may come off as a risky idea. Lean too much towards one or the other — and the event gets unfavorable feedback. Nevertheless, WePlay Holding took a chance, and the hard work paid off. Esports Charts state that WePlay AniMajor had a peak of 645,141 concurrent viewers and over 37 million hours watched.

The organizers indulged both Dota 2 and anime fans with an anime-themed talent presentation and superbly decorated scene with lotuses from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. Building the anime-themed set for the WePlay AniMajor took over 4,500 hours of effort. This event conquered the audience with its weeb spirit.

It’s difficult to imagine a more suitable time for this theme. Shortly before the event, Netflix released its DOTA: Dragon’s Blood series, which sparked interest in anime crossovers. According to Forbes’ Mike Stubbs, WePlay AniMajor may go down in history as one of the best Dota 2 majors ever and one of the best esports events in the pandemic era


Cyberpunk comes to life: WePlay! Mad Moon

The event’s success largely depends on the wow effect which will be remembered for a long time. To be competitive in the esports industry today, you need to offer more than just the best teams, prominent broadcast talents, and high-quality visuals. You need to also surprise your fans somehow.

The organizers built a futuristic cyberpunk-esque city for WePlay! Mad Moon using augmented reality (AR). Fans enjoyed the various AR experiences and kept watching even during breaks for fear of missing an exciting skit. On the final day, the participants entered the arena riding the #madmoontruck. That’s why a certain famous electric vehicle is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about WePlay! Mad Moon.


#madmoontruck at WePlay! Mad Moon

#madmoontruck at WePlay! Mad Moon. Photo: WePlay Holding

According to Esports Charts, the tournament attracted over 295,000 spectators at its peak.

Robotics: WePlay Invitational featuring Rocket League

To be an industry leader, it’s crucial to be an innovator and follow esports trends and global tendencies. Robotics has become a part of many fields of work and life, such as medicine, education, finance, and so on. WePlay Holding used this concept to enhance WePlay Invitational featuring Rocket League.

WePlay Esports Invitational featuring Rocket League Opening. Video: WePlay Holding

The first highlight of the Rocket League tournament was the choice of masters of ceremonies, and they weren’t people. Robots named Left and Right greeted the guests, lightened the tense competition atmosphere with jokes, and even cut the ribbon to start the show. Such an introduction cements the first impression and sets the tone for the event.

Inspired by a technological garage theme, WePlay Holding didn’t hold back and released an AR-featured opening video showing dynamic robots assemble a car for a race as fast and precisely as real automation should. The audience appreciated the surprise.

Make way for the young: WePlay Academy League

The main goal of the WePlay Academy League is to reveal new CS:GO prodigies to the world. Young players compete in front of cameras and thousands of spectators, talk to reporters, and interact with fans. In general, they do everything professional esports players usually do. Up-and-coming players have a chance to prove themselves, and they try to get the most out of it. In the future, many prominent players might say that WePlay Academy League gave them their first real stage experience.

WePlay Academy League Season 1 set.

WePlay Academy League Season 1 set. Photo: WePlay Holding


Sports shows are the theme of the WePlay Academy League. On the one hand, the tournament doesn’t stand out for something as unpredictable as talents dressed up as anime characters or a massive truck appearing onstage, yet this well-established event inspires the viewer with its style.

The teams make this tournament unpredictable, and the audience likes it. According to Esports Charts, the WePlay Academy League Season 1 had a peak of over 28,000 concurrent viewers. Young players rarely get the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of that many people.

It’s vital to understand what fans want to see, what they do when they aren’t watching tournaments, what they will appreciate. Finding the key to your audience allows organizers to set trends that the entire industry listens to.

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