Mobile-first esports: from Asia to the rest of the world - White Paper

Mobile esports is the future of the total esports sector. As our exclusive downloadable White Paper called Mobile-first esports – from Asia to the Rest of the World shows, there is enough growth at all levels to support that assertion about mobile-first competitive gaming.

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What is mobile esports?

It is not a second-tier or third-rate version of the currently established traditional esports, which is organised professional and amateur competitive-gaming events featuring individuals or teams playing video games against each other.

Of course, the esports as we know it comprises individuals or teams of professional gamers and/or enthusiasts sitting in front of massive powerful gaming PCs or consoles and their large screens to battle each other for glory, fame and ever-growing cash prizes.

The entertainment is watched by spectators on screens via live-streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube and/or in-person inside physical venues.

Mobile esports players have the same aspirations, but they compete by playing mobile games on smartphones and tablets. They are also more likely to be part of communities with members who follow each other.

In the past five years, mobile esports has been gradually gaining awareness among esports organisations, game publishers, investors and brands. Understandably, they have been focusing on the development of conventional esports, which will see revenues grow to US$1bn-plus by this year’s end, according to research group Newzoo, and the global audience size is expected to reach 474 million (forecast to 577 million by 2024).

A hint at why mobile-esports entertainment should not be ignored can also be seen in Newzoo’s other headline data – about the audience of global live-streaming of games, including competitive gaming. Their number will leap to 729 million by the end of 2021 and surpass 920 million by 2024.

For within those 920 million will be the growing number of mobile gamers set to catapult the world of gaming from one centred on PCs and consoles to one that pivots around smartphones and tablets.

Mobile-first esports – from Asia to the Rest of the World, this exclusive and informative Esports BAR report, aims to be a handbook that gives existing and potential stakeholders a glimpse into why mobile esports is one of the fastest developments in digital entertainment. It also features an exclusive interview of Nick Vanzetti, Senior Vice President/Managing Director at ESL Gaming Asia-Pacific Japan in which we learn how the company has been involved in organised mobile esports since 2017:

“Mobile esports is treated no differently from how we treat the big events we’re famous for. From our perspective, mobile esports is just as sophisticated and professional.” says Nick Vanzetti

Esports BAR delegates have also already been keeping an eye on mobile esports:

“Mobile has arrived; you guys just haven’t realised it yet” – Esports BAR Cannes 2020 speaker Akshat Rathee, Managing Director of India-based Nodwin.

“I’ll be the first to criticise mobile gaming. But it is a thing, not only in Europe, but also in India and Southeast Asia. It is really massive, and we have to live with it,” Esports BAR Cannes 2020 speaker Florent ‘ElChikito’ Gutierrez, former CMO at Team Vitality, and current Global Esports Director at Razer Inc.

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