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Esports & TV have much in common, as we shall discover when the Esports BAR and MIPCOM events take place 11-15 October at the iconic French Riviera city of Cannes.

Those two sectors’ similarities, in terms of creativity, monetisation, fan engagement and future digital opportunities, are highlighted in Esports and TV – Where the Future of Digital Entertainment Connects, the exclusive new downloadable White Paper jointly produced by the two organisations.

The report centres on factors bringing together what might initially appear to be two disparate sectors.

Coming of age during the Internet era, esports, as competitive video-gaming is called, is very young compared to the numerous decades’ old broadcast TV.

Additionally, esports media, a fast-growing digital-first format, has won over Gen Z and millennial viewers, who are passionate about interactive and immersive multi-platform entertainment and are shunning traditional linear TV at an accelerating rate.

Meanwhile, the still-evolving esports sector, scheduled to generate US$1.1bn this year, would love to emulate the physical presence of TV in more than 1.8 billion homes worldwide and the US$189bn generated by pay-TV alone.

The Esports and Television – Where the Future of Digital Entertainment Connects White Paper outlines why the 2 industries could raise the game of both industries in digital entertainment’s future.

María Carmen Fernández, Director of Innovation and New Business at the Spanish media giant MEDIAPRO Group, which specialised in TV before making significant inroads in esports, emphasises that point in the report.

She says: “We realised that esports has a lot of similarities and touch points with our business because it is about managing rights, about creating content and distributing content. And it addresses the demands of today’s young and future audiences.”


Esports and Television – Where the Future of Digital Entertainment Connects provides the following:

  1. Answers to the questions – What Is Esports? Who are the stakeholders and investors? What are the key revenue sources? How do its digital-savvy audiences engage with competitive gaming?
  2. An analysis of how esports audiences differ from traditional-TV viewers, how and why interactivity in immersive media influences esports-media-consumption behaviour, and why non-endemic brands, traditionally the biggest investors in linear-TV advertising, are falling in love with esports.
  3. An exploration of how streaming technology has contributed to innovation in esports media and TV.
  4. An examination of the way TV is harnessing the power of gaming franchises, the use of gaming IP as the basis of TV content, and the adaptation of gaming characters to create potential new TV franchises.
  5. A lowdown of how leading broadcasters are taking the plunge into esports, with ESPN, NHK, the BBC, NENT and Pro7Sat1 among the forerunners, and the way 2020 saw linear-TV networks experiment more with live esports coverage because of the loss of many traditional sports events to the Covid-19 crisis.
  6. An in-depth interview with MEDIAPRO’s María Carmen Fernández, who discusses how the Spain-headquartered TV-media conglomerate is set for the future of entertainment by investing in esports.
  7. An insightful Q&A conversation with Ricardo Rodrigues, Head of Americas Business Development, Telstra Broadcast Services, who explains how its telecoms and tech services enable TV & esports clients to turn their innovative visions in media and entertainment into a reality.

Download a copy of Esports and Television – Where the Future of Digital Entertainment Connects (form on the sidebar) to read why the two sectors are becoming interconnected in the Age of the Creator Economy.

For more information about MIPCOM on 11-14 October 2021, click here.

For more information about Esports BAR Cannes on 13-15 October 2021, click here.

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