How do Esports Game Publishers deal with the global pandemic in 2020 ?

Online or offline? Which one is superior and why? The whole entertainment industry was hit by the pandemic, with esports being no exception. Considering how quickly the borders were closed, it made sense for game publishers to cancel the planned offline championships, while keeping all the future World Championships indefinitely suspended. Of course, there were some exceptions to this, such as the 2020 LoL World Championship.

Discover in this exclusive white paper an overview of game publishers’ activity during the pandemic & exclusive key data from Esports Charts.

Which esports games benefited from it and which esports games suffered? Learn insights about the following topics :

  • Blizzard, Activision, and the coronavirus
  • League Of Legends reached new records during the pandemic
  • Fighting games suffered the most
  • Is Formula 1 still on the top of virtual motorsport gaming?
  • Chess, an eternal classic
  • Mobile Esports strikes back

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